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Software development. Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad, Ruby On Rails.

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Markdown PRO

Create beautiful notes and documents with the power of Markdown Pro for
Mac OS X Lion.

Easy to use text editor with live preview


Requires Mac OS X 10.7+ (Lion)


The AppStore Search Engine

Is it hard to find cool iPhone, iPad or Mac applications? Give uQuery a try! It is a free app store search engine with a social twist.

Follow your favorite Facebook friends to discover the applications they’re talking about, using and downloading.

Check it out!

Ruby on Rails Web Development

RADSense is leading Software company with experience and expertise in designing, developing and deploying solutions based on RoR application technology. We are involved with our clients from the beginning to assist with decision making and to capture the requirements in a way we believe is beneficial. Our Ruby on rails development team is highly qualified and follows high quality standards in order to deliver simple, logical and most reliable, high quality solutions to our global clients. We blend the power of Agile Development with Ruby on Rails to deliver industry standard web applications.


Make The Right Decisions

Thanks to our extensive experience in Web development, we can help you make the optimal decision about the platform upon which to build your project. We will give you architectural advice whether or not Ruby on Rails suits your project size, requirements and system scalability.

Clean, Beautiful Design

We believe in clean, effective and beautiful web design. Your website will have personality, will stand out, will be extremely effective and usable.

Multiple Platforms. Large Scale.


We work with Amazon Cloud, MongoDB, Facebook, Twitter, mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X and recently we started to work with Android platform.


We build high quality software that works. Utilizing our team of senior engineers, we deliver functionality, performance, scalability and reliability in balance with your budget.



We deploy and operate the apps we build in scalable and cost-effective cloud computing environments such as Amazon Web Services. And we provide ongoing monitoring, support and maintenance services.


We are working with you to make your project profitable. Let us know what your goals are and we will work with you to make it happen.

Software Development for iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X

We are excited to design and develop awesome applications for iPhone, iPad and the Mac Platform. If you can dream it, we will build it!

iPhone Development


We build stunning user interfaces and powerful, feature-rich iPhone apps.

iPad Development


iPad application development is a natural fit for our developers. Our internationally acclaimed UI designer will create an unforgettable experience for your users.

Mac OS Lion Development


If you close our application it will reopen right where you left off, so you never have to look for that last document you were working on. You can simply resume what you were doing before, even after you reboot your computer.